Show that you trust me. Support me, at least praise my effort. Don’t compare me to others.
I fall into despair. Do not expect me to show maturity above my age. Do not try to teach all
the rules at once. Give me time. Don’t be alarmed when you see that I’m not being 100 percent
honest. Don’t corner me. I’ll have to take shelter in a lie. Do not lose your cool, even if I
depress you a lot. I can justify your anger,

but don’t insult me. Do not break my dignity the
near others. Remember that I too can put you in a difficult position in front of others. When
you realize that you have been unfair to me, do not hesitate to explain. Your apology does not
lessen my love for you, on the contrary, it brings me closer to you. Actually, I see you better
than you are. Do not try to make me appear infallible and inaccessible. I would be very sad to


see that you were wrong. I know that what you want from me is not difficult compared to
what you have given me. If the requests I have listed above are too much for you, I can give
up most of them, as long as my belief that you will love me as I am not shaken. If you don’t
want me to be an exemplary child, I don’t expect you to be a perfect parent, it’s enough for me
to be loving and understanding. I couldn’t help being born as your child. But if I had the

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choice, I wouldn’t want to be anyone’s child but you. I love you. Your child. The priest was
about to finish his work in the cemetery. At that moment, the 78-year-old man who lost his
wife of fifty years said: “How much I loved him.” she started to cry out loud. The old man’s
aged voice broke the noble silence of the ceremony. Other family members and friends at the
tomb were shocked and embarrassed . The grown children tried to appease their ruddy purple

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father: “Okay, dad. We understand you.” The old man stared at the coffin, which was slowly
descending into the excavated tomb…The priest continued the ceremony. At the end of the
ceremony , he urged family members to throw earth on the coffin as the closing of the death
ceremony . All but the old man threw earth in turn. The old man was still speaking out loud:
“How much I loved him”. His daughter and two sons tried to prevent him from speaking, but

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he continued, “I loved him!” The old man was refusing to go as the crowd prepared to leave
the cemetery. He was staring at the grave. The priest approached: “I know how you feel, but
it’s time to go. We have to leave here and let ourselves go with the flow of life.” said . “How
much I loved him,” the old man muttered once more in desperation. “You don’t understand
me,” said the priestess, “but I’ve only been able to tell her that once.” A man in America wins
a million dollars in the lottery, while on his way to his car, a lady says that her daughter has a

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very serious, terminal illness and that if she does not find five hundred thousand dollars, she
will die tomorrow.The man gives five hundred thousand dollars of his money without
thinking. The next day, someone who witnessed this incident said that the woman he gave the
money to was a fraudster and deceived him. (the man is indeed deceived) At the end of this

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conversation, the man just laughs, The bartender is quite surprised at this situation. – How
come, the woman tricked you, you weren’t upset at all? The response of the bartender is
interesting: In ancient times, a king had a huge rock placed on the road leading to the palace,
he himself He was sitting at the window. Let’s see what would happen. The richest merchants
of the country, the most powerful caravans, and palace officials came one by one, from
morning until noon. They all entered the palace wandering around the rock. A lot judge the
king aloud. He was collecting so much tax from his people, but he could not keep the roads
clean. Finally, a peasant came along. He brought fruit and vegetables to the palace. He
slammed the pannier on his back to the ground, grabbed the rock with both hands, and began
to push hard. Finally, he was covered in sweat, but he pulled the rock to the side of the road.
Just as he was about to put his pannier back on his back, he saw a pouch on the old spot of the
rock. He opened it.. The pouch was full of gold. There was also the king’s note in it. “These
gold belongs to the person who pulled the rock out of the way,” the king was saying.