Puerta Vallarta

While spending time in Mexico and investing in the real estate market is nothing new for Americans, many are focusing their attention on Mexican real estate investment destinations such as Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen. However, there is another region as an alternative, albeit challenging.

Mazatlán is located 14.5 km south of the Tropic of Cancer on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Like Fortaleza, it is a major domestic tourism destination that offers the unique chance to experience the comfort of the city with sandy beaches at your doorstep. Mazatlán is surrounded by almost 11 miles of mostly adjacent beaches and warm, swimmable waters. Its coast is surrounded by a long boardwalk, where you can meet mostly Mexicans. Unlike most Mexican resorts, this is a city of about half a million people

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However, Mazatlán attracts a growing number of foreigners who want to take advantage of its year-round pleasant weather, authentic Mexican lifestyle and the opportunity to own a beachfront property at an affordable price. You can buy a beachfront property here for half the price of properties you can buy away from the beach in Puerto Vallarta or Playa del Carmen.

Another feature of Mazatlán is that it is a prominent historical center among the Latin American colonial regions and is spread over more than a few blocks. Founded in 1531, the historic center boasts colorful Spanish colonial architecture and cobblestone streets lined with fine restaurants, cafes and galleries, competing with the beaches by attracting foreign visitors.

Despite the pandemic and the global recession, sales remain stable and stocks in the region are dwindling.